Young Twigs

Bible study
for young women

Newest lesson

  • Acts 25–28
  • year 3, no. 28
Paul is brought to trial and made a prisoner for preaching the gospel of Jesus. If you were going on trial because you are a Christian, what “evidence” would be brought against you?

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About our group

The goal of Young Twigs is to create disciples who can read God’s Word for themselves, allow the Holy Spirit to teach them, and apply the Bible purposefully to their lives. We want young women to be able to discuss the Bible one-on-one with others, to contend for Truth wherever they are, and to use their gifts within the Body of Christ for the glory of God.

About our curriculum

In our four-year curriculum plan, we study the Bible inductively, working through the Old and New Testaments in fall and winter months. During spring and summer months, we focus on the topics of culture, worldview, purity, evangelism, prayer, spiritual gifts, and marriage.