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The book of Isaiah is the first of the major prophets in the Bible. Isaiah’s name means “Jehovah Saves”. Has Jehovah saved you?
The book of Proverbs shows you the wisdom and the fear of God contrasted with foolishness and sin.
Proverbs was written to be a guidebook for our everyday lives. 
Will you heed its wisdom or be like the fool?
David praises God for His love, power, and omniscience.
A sheep and a sinner. David writes these psalms at two very different times in his life, but his love and respect for God never change.
There is a point to Job’s suffering. What is it?
 Will you trust God when you suffer?
Job is just going along, minding his own business, when wham! Disaster strikes. How will Job respond?
Rebuilding the walls.
Nebuchadnezzar destroys God’s temple and the city of Jerusalem. God’s people are taken into captivity. Bad things are happening—where is God during this time?
Meet Elijah, a mighty prophet of God who stands up to kings, 
queens, and false prophets. How do you stand up for God?