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God’s people quickly forget Him and serve other gods. They break their promises and God’s anger is the result. What will happen to a stubborn people who will not serve God?
Walls, trumpets, shouts—God wins! God’s people take Jericho,
then fall into sin. What do you do about the temptation to covet?
God exalts Joshua before the sons of Israel.
 How does God demonstrate His power?
The spies survey the land, aided by Rahab. God’s reputation has preceded His people.
God speaks through Moses to the Israelites about their future
as they prepare to enter the Promised Land.
The Israelites continue their journey to the land God promised them.  Before they arrive God wants them to not only spy out the promised land but to take a census, a numbering of all Israelites.
Leviticus picks up where Exodus left off. God brought the Israelites out of Egypt after 400 years of slavery. He now shows His people a picture of what He expects from them after being set free.
God appeared to the Israelites in clouds and fire and in
 the tabernacle. Why doesn’t He do this today?
“While the cat is away, the mice will play.” Moses leaves for a time and the people quickly turn away from God, bowing down to a calf instead of the One who rescued them. What is God’s response?
God promised to bring His people out of Egypt and He does it. Even when they are doubting and fearful. He even sets up a “memorial event” to help them remember His care for them. How do you recall God’s care for you?