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Lessons for Exodus

God appeared to the Israelites in clouds and fire and in
 the tabernacle. Why doesn’t He do this today?
“While the cat is away, the mice will play.” Moses leaves for a time and the people quickly turn away from God, bowing down to a calf instead of the One who rescued them. What is God’s response?
God promised to bring His people out of Egypt and He does it. Even when they are doubting and fearful. He even sets up a “memorial event” to help them remember His care for them. How do you recall God’s care for you?
Pharaoh’s heart was hard and he did not listen. God sent frogs, gnats, hail, blood in the water and other nasty things to get his attention and show him Who is in charge. Is your heart hard? Are you listening? Who is in charge of your life?
God has a plan to rescue His people. God’s plan involves Moses, but he gives excuses about why he cannot help. What does God have to say about this?
When Jacob’s family arrived in Egypt, they were welcomed—
there were only 70 of them! 430 years later, they had multiplied so much that they scared the Egyptians. God’s covenant people
became slaves. What will God do?