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Lessons for Genesis

Jacob and his family settle in Egypt, there to grow into a mighty nation. What are God’s plans for this band of shepherds? When will they get back to Canaan?
Joseph reveals himself to his brothers; the family is reunited. God’s hand continues to direct His people.
Joseph goes from the lowest depths to the highest heights.
 How will he handle this power and fame?
Meet Joseph, a nice young man who has some very interesting dreams. What does his future hold?
Jacob’s life is full of drama, as we will see this week. God’s plan to send a Savior includes some interesting people!
The stories of two sons and God’s promise to a family. Whose family do you belong to? How do you demonstrate your love for your Father in heaven?
God watches what happens on earth. His plans do not fail. 
See how He builds a people for Himself and how He judges
 a wicked people.
God asks Abram to do tough things and he believes and obeys. What is the result of Abram’s belief and obedience? Do you believe and obey? What is the result of your belief and obedience?
Man decides to “make a name for himself” without concern for God’s rulership and without His instructions to them. What does God do about this?
When you see a rainbow you should be thinking about
 God and His covenant with you. Do you know about the promise that He made?