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Lessons for John

Christ is risen indeed! The empty tomb shows that death has no power over Him. Do you believe that you, too, will rise again to eternal life?
Jesus is crucified on the cross for those He came to save. Are you willing to suffer in His Name to show His love to others?
Jesus is arrested and brought before the authorities. Peter’s fear causes him to deny knowing Jesus. Are you courageous enough to stand for Jesus?
Jesus demonstrates that He is the resurrection and the life in this passage. What does this mean to you?
The sheepfold is a safe place for the sheep. What does it mean for you to know that Jesus is both the door to the sheepfold and the Shepherd of the sheep?
You can be “blind” in more than one way! But Jesus can heal all types of blindness. Who are the blind people in this reading? How can your own prevent spiritual blindness?
Jesus is the Word. Jesus is the Light. Jesus is the Lamb of God. Can you explain the meaning of these names?