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Lessons for Judges

You probably know the story of Samson and Delilah—maybe the
 kid version that you heard in Sunday School. But has God given you
 a kind of “strength?” Are you distracted by the world or are you
using your strength to serve Him alone?
You might have heard someone say, “I think I will throw out a fleece and see what the Lord says…” Learn about how Gideon, Israel’s latest judge, screws up his courage for the battle the Lord asks him to undertake.
“Then the sons of Israel again did evil in the sight of the Lord…” This is a repeated pattern for the stubborn Israelites. God sends two strong women to set them straight. What about you? Are you a strong woman of God?
God’s people quickly forget Him and serve other gods. They break their promises and God’s anger is the result. What will happen to a stubborn people who will not serve God?