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Lessons from year 3

Paul is brought to trial and made a prisoner for preaching the gospel of Jesus. If you were going on trial because you are a Christian, what “evidence” would be brought against you?
The disciples obey the command to, “Go and make disciples of all nations”. Just like today, they met both acceptance and opposition! How do your experiences in sharing the gospel compare with Paul’s experiences?
People opposed the good news of a Savior in every city where it was preached by Paul and Barnabas. Have you experienced opposition when you talk about Jesus?
Saul was breathing threats and murder against the disciples of the Lord. On the road to Damascus, Saul met Jesus and was transformed. How has Jesus transformed you?
Peter shared the Good News with a God-fearing centurion named Cornelius, who received the Holy Spirit and was baptized. Have you found repentance that leads to life?
An Ethiopian finds belief thanks to the Scriptures, the work of the Spirit and another believer who was able to answer his questions. Are you ready to answer questions about Jesus?
Stephen was accused of blasphemy and stoned for his faith in Jesus Christ. Stephen was willing to die for his belief. Are you?
Peter heals a beggar in Jesus’ name. The name of Jesus is then forbidden. How have you been challenged for believing in Jesus?
Jesus ascended to Heaven. The day of Pentecost had come and so did the Holy Spirit. Have you received the gift of the Holy Spirit?
Christ is risen indeed! The empty tomb shows that death has no power over Him. Do you believe that you, too, will rise again to eternal life?