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Lessons from year 3

Jesus continues His ministry by teaching and speaking to His disciples and to the crowds. He uses parables to teach them. Why would Jesus teach in parables?
Jesus continues to deliver the Sermon on the Mount. In this part, He shares how we are to pray. Do you know how you should pray?
Jesus delivers a famous sermon, the Sermon on the Mount. In it, He shares who is blessed and why. How have you been blessed?
Jesus faced temptation and fought it with God’s Word. You are being tempted, too. Do you know God’s Word well enough to fight off temptation?
John the Baptist tells it like it is: “Repent, sinners!” He was clear about his message and his purpose. Are you?
Jesus, One with God, became a human being to teach us about God. He lived a normal life to show us how to live. What can you learn from His example?
Jesus was born to die for our sins—part of God’s great plan to rescue us. His mother Mary was a young woman just like you. How can God use you for His glory?
Jesus is the Word. Jesus is the Light. Jesus is the Lamb of God. Can you explain the meaning of these names?